How to verify the account in Casumo casino: All you need to know about it

The process of verification can be extremely daunting, especially in a wide range of mediocre gambling websites in Canada. The situation is different when it comes to Casumo Casino Verification Process, a leading online casino that accepts Canadian gambling enthusiasts. What makes Casumo Registration to be a cornerstone of user experience and gambler-oriented design is extreme ease of verification process. If you are not sure if you need to start the registration process, read our Casumo Casino review.

We also find it relevant to mention that the procedure of Casumo casino should become an industry standard, especially considering its compliance with all the legal requirements and obligations. Since there are numerous employed ways of verifying one’s account, the Casumo verification process is overall straightforward and highly usable, both for newcomers and loyal players. This article will best match the interests of those who are looking for all the nuances regarding registration and verification in Casumo. Read on!

How to register in Casumo Casino?

Speaking of the process of registration on the official website of Casumo, we are confident in saying that it has no differences in comparison with other online casinos. After heading to the site of this gambling platform, players in Canada will immediately see “Sign Up” and “Log In” sections on the right top corner of the page. Once a player clicks on a “Sign Up,” a pop-up window, which consists of a few essential steps, will appear.

Any gambler will be asked to enter its email, password, username, mobile phone number, full name, gender, and residence address. These pieces of personal information seem to be the most widespread notions that are requested from the side of online casinos in Canada. An honorable mention is that Casumo verifies the entered pieces of data, which is required to ensure that all the information is valid and accurate. Voila, a newcomer can easily claim 20 free spins as well as a $300 cash bonus after the registration as part of a lucrative bonus promotion.

What documents are required for Casumo Verify account procedure

Once a gambler has finished with filling in personal information that is required during a registration process, gaming can be started straight away. A gambler that is interested in gambling with Casumo should still remember that the first huge withdrawal request will require to verify one’s own identity.

From what we manually observed during our conversations with gamblers, a verification procedure can be perceived differently, ranging from infuriating anger to peaceful acceptance. For the sake of verifying identity in Casumo, the administrators might require one or more documents to provide in order to proceed with cash-out without any issues.

Age: How old you should be to play in Casumo Casino

First things first, Casumo will most likely request a document regarding one’s age, which usually consists of a copy of a front and back of a passport. Alternatively, any gambler can attach a scan of the ID card or even a driving license. To proceed with verification, any of the provided documents have to be valid, scanned properly, and contain a section with an expiration date.

Place of residence and address

When it comes to a place of residence and indicated address, Casumo takes the situation seriously. Although all gamblers are required to fill in these pieces of personal data during registration, the website can request a copy of a phone bill or a utility bill.

Another way to get your account verified is to attach a copy of a birth certificate, which shows the full name and residence address of a gambler. An important precaution is that the delivered document has to be not older than half a year, which can become problematic for some residents. Don’t forget about the sender’s logo that has to be included at each corner of the scanned document.

Payment methods

An alternative option to consider relates to the verification process through the means of providing documentation of the used payment method. The crucial point is that Casumo requests different types of documents, depending on a particular banking option used by a gambler. Gamblers who preferred Bank Wire Transfer will have to send a copy of an online bank statement, which displays previous deposit transfers to Casumo.

The fans of using credit cards, including American Express, Visa, or MasterCard, would be asked to provide a photo of a card with covered numbers and CVV/CVC numbers on the back. For those using e-wallets, including PayPal, Neosurf, Skrill, or Neteller, verification will be handled by sending a special document that contains information about an account, email, and even the personal number.

How to verify Casumo account

Here comes one of the most sophisticated processes for some players in Canada, which relate to the verification procedures. Although Casumo has easy and straightforward verification requirements, it can become complicated for some gamblers to provide all the requested details in a single group of documents. Once you see a sign that Casumo requires you to verify your identity to continue the procedure of money withdrawal, you’ll have to remain patient and concentrated.

Just the right email

Before sending any documents, any gambler has to ensure that all the personal information has to be submitted exclusively to a single email, which is [email protected]. That means that you won’t need to upload them to a specific section of the website or any other email. Sometimes gamblers get fooled by the requests of verifying their identity by fake emails, which is the main reason for us to recommend being careful with email information.

Reasons for verification

Gamblers in Casumo usually know that administrators don’t request a verification process without a valid reason, including withdrawals of large sums or the one-time procedure of ensuring that a real person runs a new account. Since a website doesn’t want to make players uncomfortable during the withdrawals, this procedure now more often appears after creating a new account.

Casumo Casino Documentation

In most cases, all the aforementioned documents are required for the verification process, which can certainly be troublesome for some players. We’ve also heard about the cases when Casumo requested some kind of a “wealth proof” in Canada, which basically required players to make copies of their bank account statement. You should also remember that the process of verification can sometimes require to submit only a few documents, meaning no gambler is obliged to compile those never-ending papers at once.

Fake news about Casumo verify

During the recent few years, lots of disinformation companies regarding casino verification took place, whereas Casumo became one of the victims of it. The golden rule to remember is that Casumo will never require a gambler to verify its identity via taking selfies or photos while holding an ID card. This technique might be used by some other online casinos, but Casumo undoubtedly did the right job by eliminating such an option.

Pending timings

Once you’ve made sure that you compiled all the pieces of information and sent it to the mentioned above email, you have to wait for your documents to be manually checked. The usual pending timings vary from 1 to 12 hours, whereas some cases can require a gambler to wait up to 24 hours.

Even though these timings vary from one time to another, it won’t take long for any gambler in Canada to get its account verified in short timings. We don’t really want to be engaged in name-dropping, but dozens of Casumo’s competitors have far longer verification pending timings, for certain.


When it comes to the frequencies of a verification process, we can easily say that Casumo usually requests a verification annually to ensure integrity and fair play. The first procedure takes place either after the registration or before the very first withdrawal, whereas it is essential to remember that the identity confirmation is not a one-time occurrence. Keeping that in mind, our recommendation is to keep all those documents somewhere around you not to mess up with the next planned identity confirmation. Look, it won’t happen as frequently as you might have imagined to you already.

Casumo verify account FAQ

✍️ What is the Casumo casino?

Casumo casino is a top-notch online gambling website, which holds its niche of superb gameplay in Canada. Its flawless reputation, coupled with a vast portfolio of games, is something that attracts thousands of Canadians to the platform.

✍️ Why do I need to verify my Casumo account?

The process of identity confirmation is a must, which is common to dozens of other online casinos in Canada or worldwide. Its execution is required to ensure that money cashouts are handled by the right person, alongside omitting fraudulent activities and dishonest gaming within the platform.

✍️ When do I need to verify my account?

You will need to confirm your identity either straight away after the registration or just before making your first solid withdrawal. Either way, this process is easy, meaning that you won’t have any issues or hassle. The good news is that Casumo now requests a verification more often after the registration, which is favorable for gamblers who enjoy gameplay without any obstacles or disruptions.